Vertisan Coin is transitioning back to its original name "Nebula Coin".
The name restoration has no impact on existing coins or their value.
Vertisan Coin Market Capitalization

$65,653,602.93 USD

0.00% increase compared to last week

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Current Coin Price (VCC)

$0.3305 3305%

Percentage increase is since launch on May 1, 2021
0.00% increase compared to last week
True Coin Value

$1.33 USD

True Coin Value is calculated from the market cap divided by coins in circulation. This is the price that the coin should be trading at.

About Vertisan Coin

Process crypto transactions in milliseconds, not minutes

Vertisan Coin is unique compared to any and all cryptocurrencies. Vertisan Coin itself is not a cryptocurrency, but rather each one is a unique NFT digital asset product. There are many advantages, but there is one factor that clearly differentiates Vertisan Coin's value.

Because of the underlying Fractal technology, Vertisan Coin is the ONLY crypto-based holder of value that is viable for retail purchasing in stores. Whether that is at the grocery store, a restaurant, or anywhere a transaction needs to be completed promptly... Vertisan Coin is the only crypto payment option that is viable and up to the task.

Blockchain technology is notoriously slow when it comes to processing transactions; often taking 20-60 minutes to reconcile and commit one transaction. That's a total fail for real-world purchasing scenarios. Whether the cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any other... they're all using blockchain. That means retail purchasing is literally not possible; not now, not ever.

Fractal technology by Vertisan is lightning-fast and processes crypto transactions securely in less than one second. Fast, safe, incorruptible, distributed, and decentralized. Digital assets and cryptocurrencies powered by Fractal are the viable next-generation payment methods for retail purchasing... everything from buying groceries at the store to eating at restaurants.

Fractal Blockchain
Nominal transaction duration 250-900 milliseconds 20-60 minutes
Secure, incorruptible public ledger YES YES
Viable for retail purchasing YES NO
Solves the "100 Year Problem" YES NO
Capable of government adoption YES NO
Possibility of losing wallets & coins IMPOSSIBLE COMMON
Energy efficient YES NO
Sustainable growth architecture YES NO
Encryption optimization Optimized for Intel 64-bit Dedicated mining rigs


Web-based Cryptocase and asset management is ready

About Vertisan

Vertisan Coin, Fractal, Cryptocases, and Nebula were all conceived and created by James Vertisan; the one-man intellectual army with skills across a dizzying array of disciplines. For more than 33 years, James has been the architect and driving force behind many high-profile products; each one a masterpiece and recognized within the industry.

After 30+ years of works, there has been one common conclusion about Vertisan again and again...
James is the "Architect of Amazing".

Human and Real

Technology and product creation can be difficult and daunting sometimes, but it's not magic. Most tech companies relegate themselves to being faceless entities, but not Vertisan. James and Vertisan are real people who are tirelessly creating for you.

James is the Creator, architect, and an active coding engineer.

Per James' mandate, Vertisan Coin is 'for the people'. The coin and entire ecosystem is structured to prevent dominance by venture capital, investment houses, or big tech. James himself only owns one single coin. He donated everything to the 'regular people' of the world holding Vertisan Coin.

Core Tenet

For the people...
to better their lives for themselves and their families

James Vertisan
James Vertisan CREATOR

Secret Laboratory Live

In an effort to demonstrate the reality of the creation process, James has established a 'spy cam' network within his Secret Laboratory so you can look in on the creation process.

James' Secret Laboratory streams live for up to 12 hours per day as he works on Vertisan Coin, Fractal, and Nebula.

Contact Us

James Vertisan and the Vertisan Team are always accessible. One of the primary tenets of Vertisan is to never become another faceless industrial tech company. We are all real people.

Please reach out for specialized attention.

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Via San Raffaele 1
Milano, IT 20121

+39 347 665 5582