Purchasing Vertisan Coins at pre-release pricing

The pre-release price for the purchase of the Vertisan Coins product is currently $0.5822 per coin.

Paying with the Cash App by Square

The Cash App mobile application (from Square) can be used to purchase Vertisan Coins. The coins are sold exclusively in blocks and the following block quantities are acceptable:

$300 block - 515 Coins
$500 block - 859 Coins
$750 block - 1,288 Coins
$1000 block - 1,718 Coins
$1500 block - 2,576 Coins

The Cash App recipient address is $vertisanCoin

With the Cash App, it is important that you include an email address in the transaction description/comments to ensure that the allocated coins and Cryptocase are delivered correctly.

Paying with Zelle

We also accept payment using Zelle, which is integrated into the banking app on your mobile device. More than 1000 banks support Zelle payments, such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and hundreds more. A complete list of supported banks is found on the Getting Started with Zelle page. Purchases with Zelle have a maximum daily purchase amount of $3,500. Please send an email to buycoins@vertisan.com to get the Zelle recipient details.

Paying with Cryptocurrency

Vertisan Coins can be purchased using other cryptocurrencies. The coin purchase quantities vary based upon the cryptocurrency and current market price. Vertisan Coins are sold in blocks according to the tables below.

Payment Instructions:
1. Use your preferred crypto wallet app to initiate a transfer (send coins). We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, and ADA.
2. For the transfer recipient, scan the QR code below according to which cryptocurrency you want to use to purchase Vertisan Coins.
3. Submit a coin transfer quantity according to the tables below of coin block sizes and prices.
4. IMPORTANT: Then send an email to buycoins@vertisan.com indicating the currency sent, transfer amount, and an email address to deliver your Vertisan Coins to. Without receving the email, we won't have any ability to deliver your purchase.

Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC Recipient Address: 3883V7WG1du4tnzXappX5RXWqtLAMvg9Mj

2,500 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.0044 Bitcoin (BTC)
5,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.0088 Bitcoin (BTC)
10,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.018 Bitcoin (BTC)
50,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.088 Bitcoin (BTC)
100,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.18 Bitcoin (BTC)

One BTC quoted at $41,470.56 USD
One VCC quoted at $0.5822 USD

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH Recipient Address: 0x5C770f50155c1296981E0827AC5192fb703877F8

2,500 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.063 Ethereum (ETH)
5,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.13 Ethereum (ETH)
10,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 0.25 Ethereum (ETH)
50,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 1.26 Ethereum (ETH)
100,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 2.52 Ethereum (ETH)

One ETH quoted at $2,982.45 USD
One VCC quoted at $0.5822 USD

Litecoin (LTC)

LTC Recipient Address: MMLFMbDTuvtztDXeHgc1PxvnVXw1kTVrKu

2,500 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 1.21 Litecoin (LTC)
5,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 2.42 Litecoin (LTC)
10,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 4.84 Litecoin (LTC)
50,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 24.18 Litecoin (LTC)
100,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 48.35 Litecoin (LTC)

One LTC quoted at $120.54 USD
One VCC quoted at $0.5822 USD

Dogecoin (DOGE)

DOGE Recipient Address: DGttUCpULRNonnpUzxBchhdrsLz8RgFNZC

2,500 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 750.00 Dogecoin (DOGE)
5,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 1,500.00 Dogecoin (DOGE)
10,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 3,000.00 Dogecoin (DOGE)
50,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 15,000.00 Dogecoin (DOGE)
100,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 30,000.00 Dogecoin (DOGE)

One DOGE quoted at $0.146900 USD
One VCC quoted at $0.5822 USD

Cardano (ADA)

ADA Recipient Address: Ae2tdPwUPEZHmrLu2c5hxUfm1G74xsCTXPPrzicz99ofsMhK5CJgKdBNMeH

2,500 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 116.25 Cardano (ADA)
5,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 232.50 Cardano (ADA)
10,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 465.00 Cardano (ADA)
50,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 2,325.00 Cardano (ADA)
100,000 Vertisan Coins (VCC) = 4,650.00 Cardano (ADA)

One ADA quoted at $1.14 USD
One VCC quoted at $0.5822 USD

Last cryptocurrency transfer pricing update: March 28, 2022 @ 8:00 PM PDT

Purchasing 100,000+ Coins

For individuals wishing to purchase 100,000+ coins, payment can be done using bank wire transfer. Please email buycoins@vertisan.com directly to make special arrangements for the purchase of large blocks of coins.

When trading through exchange sites starts on March 1st, the starting price per Vertisan Coin will be at minimum $0.40. Being part of the friends and family pre-release group helps to ensure that your purchase has significantly more value in a short period of time.

IMPORTANT: The new pre-release pricing and offering is strictly capped at 100,000,000 coins sold. There was a significant buy back recently to accommodate the minting and distribution of additional coins. Once these 100M coins are sold, then the Buy Now page will be removed from the website and individuals will need to wait until March 1st to purchase additional Vertisan Coins through one of the approved cryptocurrency exchange websites.

Disclaimers and Such

DISCLAIMER: The offering of Vertisan Coins as digital assets is done with the most honorable of intentions. The desire IS to allow forward-thinking individuals to have the ability to be part of something that can change the world. Lawyers can debate it all and charge insane fees in the process, but in the meantime, we are trying to give regular people the power and opportunity to help steer the direction of their lives for themselves and their families.

Go ahead and debate the “letter of the law” compared to the “spirit of the law” ad infinitum as new technology arises in digital assets management. Go ahead and write some new laws as we enter uncharted waters on this incredible journey. In the meantime, I James Vertisan, and Vertisan as a business will enter into mutual product-based agreements with forward-thinking individuals through this website.

The “spirit” of what is happening is that Vertisan sincerely and honorably wants to provide a fair and reasonable way for regular people to transform their hard-earned money into something that becomes much more valuable for themselves and their families. On the other side of the balanced equation, the users of this website are doing so of their own volition with the desire of improving their circumstances in life. The users of this website are doing so with the understanding of the product and platform from Vertisan that is provided on the website. There is no additional knowledge or promises beyond what is readily and clearly apparent to both the users and Vertisan.

Nothing is happening or being transacted here with any desire or intention to violate any laws or intention to harm anyone in any way. This is purely intended to help all involved.