Return Policy

REMINDER: Vertisan Coin is a retail product, not an investment. As such, it has a return policy.

Vertisan Coins can be returned to the Vertisan Exchange for any reason within 7 days (inclusive) of the Invoice Date listed on the invoice receipt sent by email. No reason is required to initiate a return. Simply email with the Invoice Number and a written authorization to complete the return process. Returns cannot be made if coins from this invoice have been spent in Nebula or transacted on cryptocurrency exchanges. Essentially, if you have the coins on this invoice then the Vertisan Exchange will happily take them back and provide you with a full refund.

Buy-Back Policy

The Vertisan Exchange will buy back Vertisan Coins from customers at the original purchase price, minus a 10% buy-back fee, and network processing fees. The actual cost of network processing fees will be calculated at the time of buy-back, based upon mining and bandwidth requirements. The option to buy back Vertisan Coins is at the sole discretion of Vertisan Exchange. Send an email to if you want to request a buy back.